Monday, June 21, 2010

Satin Angora Breed Profile

Satin Angoras are distinctive in the satinized sheen to their wool. Although all of the angora types are distinctive they share a need for regular grooming to keep the coat up. With a fiber that is lighter and warmer
 than wool there is a special texture to the wool of these rabbits as well as a natural sheen that is unlike any other Angora.

The Satin Angora has no wool on the face, ears or feet, leaving a luxurious coat on the body with a soft texture. The beautiful sheen is compromised by somewhat less production of wool than other angora breeds, but as breeders select and breed for heavier wool this is likely to change. As the emphasis is put on quantity as well as quality of wool the resulting offspring should produce more wool per rabbit.

The Satin Angora is approved to show in agouti, pointed white, self, shaded, ticked and wide band varieties. From a show standpoint they are shown as white and colored and are a four class breed. This allows junior and senior bucks and does to compete based on age and sex.

Although the wool is the crowning glory of the Satin Angora there should be more than just wool. With an accepted range of 6 to 9 pounds in size and ideally 8 pounds this is a good breed for those with limited room as well as to keep for spinning wool at home. Where you probably won't be able to keep a couple sheep as pets, a few angora rabbits are quiet and give a beautiful home grown fiber.

Aside from the needed grooming it's important to get your hands on these rabbits on a regular basis to maintain good condition. The wool can cover up a rabbit that might be too thin or too fat and not only is this bad for the rabbit but purely from a wool standpoint, quality will suffer if the rabbit is not in the best of condition. Regular grooming as well as outstanding feed and management are needed to keep these rabbits in the best of care.

The satin sheen should carry not only through a good texture on the wool but on the shorter hair too on the head and feet, with the distinct shine that indicates a good satin coat. If you are starting in angoras it pays to join ARBA, the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club and email lists about the rabbits and the fiber.

Start with good quality Satin Angoras and keep them in good condition. While breeding to the standard is good it is always good to breed for function too and for the angoras this means wool. The Satin Angora is a
 beautiful rabbit with a distinctive angora coat. Give them a look!

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