Monday, June 7, 2010

How to Raise Pet Bunnies Easily and Economically

Many people find the idea of cute bunny rabbits to be an interesting idea for a pet. Often though, people don't do enough research and don't understand all that goes into making a happy home with bunny rabbits. If

properly prepared having bunnies as pets can be very fun, inexpensive and easier than having your typical dog, cat, bird and fish pets. However, there are so many different characteristics in different breeds of bunnies and they differ greatly from other pets. It is very important to know what you are getting into.

Bunny Health:

In general, bunnies are very strong creatures, if properly taken care of they don't tend to get sick. There are some things to watch for, but I'm going to suggest going about raising bunnies in the most sustainable, natural and economic way possible. In terms of food, bunnies eat primarily greens, hay, specifically green grass hays that have been sun dried, such as Thomson hay and oat hay. If you have a very young bunny alfalfa hay can be used or mixed with other hay, and it can be used with giant breed bunnies as well. Good treats for them are other vegetables, fruits, a small amount of seeds or nuts and sticks/twigs from grape vines or other fruit trees can be good for them to chew on.

Bunnies have excellent teeth, and therefore, they love to chew on their greens, and if they don't have enough things to chew on they will chew on cages, paper and other things, including cords, if they have access to them. However, happy bunnies with enough stimulation for their teeth don't have that issue. So I greatly encourage not using rabbit pellets for your pet. This kind of food is not fresh, natural food for a bunny. It is more expensive, not very healthy and doesn't give them the proper stimulation they need by chewing fresh foods, they texture is unnatural and is not easily digested by your bunnies, which could cause health issues. If you do give your bunnies pellets, don't give them very much, and make sure they have plenty of hay to make up for it. They will also need their nails trimmed periodically, if they don't get outside time, or you can put stones in their cages to trim their nails.

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