Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Giant Angora Rabbit Profile

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The largest of the angora rabbits, the Giant Angora is but one color from accepted show standards. However, a properly groomed ruby eyed white Giant Angora is a rabbit to behold.

As a large breed this is a six class breed, with classes for junior, intermediate and senior bucks and does. With a minimum adult weight of 9 pounds for bucks and 10 pounds for does, this is more than a fluffy rabbit.
They should be a commercial type, developed for large body size as well as commercially housed fiber production.

As a wooled breed the Giant Angora provides a heavenly fleece to be used in a variety of woolen goods. There are three coats in the structure of a Giant Angora fleece. The undercoat, awn fluff and the longest guard hairs make up a fleece that should reflect good density. If you are looking for a practical pet and enjoy fiber arts, the Giant Angora may be the rabbit for you.

Of course that luxurious wool needs care long before it comes time to make a scarf with it. The Giant Angora should be kept free of contamination of the wool, keeping shavings, hay and other debris from being embedded in the coat. Like all angora breeds they need regular grooming and this is a breed that is often sheared, as they are less likely to shed the coat than some other Angora breeds. Regular grooming keeps the rabbit from developing mats and creating health problems that can arise from lack of maintenance of the coat. Each of the angora breeds has a unique feel to the coat, known in the rabbit world as texture.

Due to the standard issuing the wool quality this is a major factor in preparation of a Giant Angora for show. However, that also can mean that when properly cared for and with that wool maintained this is a breed that can show longer than the shorter coated breeds.

As a rule Angoras are good rabbits to handle, owing to the time spent with them and developing rabbits for wool and temperament to take the grooming needed to keep that wool in good condition.

Additional care is needed to keep the rabbits from wool block as well as removing the loose fiber from the cages regularly. With no maximum weight limit the Giant Angora is a breed that catches the eye not only for
their beautifully groomed coat but for their large size as well.

The Giant Angora takes a dedicated owner but the wool produced can be done for a lifetime, providing a benefit that doesn't mean culling the best animals. The National Angora Rabbit Breeders and ARBA are both very recommended if you are looking at keeping this large and beautiful breed.

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