Thursday, June 17, 2010

Angora Rabbits: Quiet, Fluffy Pets with Good Hair for Spinning

Angora rabbits are very fluffy rabbits with hair that is silky and smooth. Angora rabbits can grow so much hair that they can't see since the hair is in front of their eyes. The hair of the Angora rabbit can be spun
 into yarn that can be made into garments. Angora rabbits make good quiet pets but since they have the long soft hair they need to be groomed more then a short haired rabbit.

Angora rabbits should be groomed every other day to keep the hair untangled. The hair of the angora rabbits will fly off the rabbit easy. When you groom an angora rabbit you can gently pull the hair off of the rabbit or you can brush the rabbit to remove the extra hair. When you pull the wool off of the Angora rabbit it is called plucking. It is best to start grooming an angora rabbit when it is only weeks old so that you can train the rabbit to like being groomed. During the warm summer months you can shear the Angora rabbit like you would a sheep to get the hair off of the rabbit. The hair on an angora rabbit is too hot to let it stay on the rabbit during the heat of the summer.

If you spin the angora hair into yarn you can put the rabbit down next to where you are spinning and pull the hair from the Angora rabbit as you spin the hair into yarn. You can also mix the angora hair in with some wool and the yarn to spin will be stronger and less fly away. You can mix the angora hair with the wool by carding them together on the same cards at the same time.

Angora rabbits can be nice quiet pets that will sit on your lap and let you pet them. The soft hair of the Angora rabbit will fly around when you pet the rabbit. An angora rabbit is not a good pet if you are someone who has allergies.

Angora rabbits are comical looking pets that are nice to hold and pet. An Angora rabbit looks much like a big puff ball. An Angora rabbit is a quiet peaceful pet that is not aggressive. You can keep Angora rabbits as a pet and you can use the hair they produce for yarn. You can read more about Angora rabbits at

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