Friday, June 11, 2010

English Angora Rabbit: Isn't He Fluffy?

The Fluffy Angora Rabbit Makes a Very Good Pet. Find Out About the 4 Types of Angora Rabbits. They Are the Cutest Pets, Ever!

"Angora rabbit" is a species I knew of, but had never really seen. Forget real life, I had not even seen a picture of an Angora Rabbit. All I knew is that an Angora rabbit is generally bred for its wool.

Browsing the internet as I usually do, I came across an article on some unusual pets and there he/she was (let's assume it is a he to make this article simpler to write).

The moment I saw his face, I fell in love. Well, I can't lie, I can't lie! I must say- the moment I saw him, but not his face, I fell in love. My imagination ran wild and I imagined sitting on the angora rabbit. Please don't call the animal activists on me. I did nothing wrong, it was so tempting. Look at how fluffy he is.. Mr. Fluffy-puff! If you did not see his face and bum, I assure you, you too would think of this angora rabbit as a fluffy bean-bag. In fact these cute fur balls are sometimes called "Wooly Wabbits".(That is a name I did not make up.)

I don't understand how an angora rabbit can see with all that fluff.

There are 4 main types of Angora rabbits.

1- English Angora rabbit: Some would say these are the cutest of the Angora rabbits, but I love them all. This kind of Angora rabbit is sometimes confused with a dog! Their face and floppy ears are covered with all that fluff and then it becomes a case of mistaken identity. These are the smallest breed of the four Angora rabbits. They weigh 5 to 7.5 pounds at maturity.

2- French Angora rabbit: French Angora rabbits look like regular rabbits and don't have fluff on their face, ears and head. They weigh 8 to 10 pounds at maturity.

3- Satin Angora rabbit: These angora rabbits have wool that shines like satin. Just like the French Angora rabbits, these too don't have wool on their ears, face and head. The ideal weight of a matured Satin Angora rabbit is around 8 pounds.

4- German or Giant Angora rabbit: German/Giant Angora rabbits have the most dense wool. These Angora rabbits can reach a maturity weight from between 9 to12 pounds.

These calm and docile Angora rabbits generally shed their wool about 3-4 times a year. The only exception would be the German Angora rabbit, which needs to be sheared.

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