Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rabbit Cage & The Fox Proof Rabbit Run

Most rabbit pet owners know that even if they have a rabbit cage, they still need a fox proof rabbit run. These two are indispensable partners, if you want to have a healthy and happy rabbit in your possession.

The cage

The rabbit cage is an indoor housing to accommodate your rabbit. It should be large enough to give it room to move around. Rabbit experts recommend that the cage be at least four to five times the size of your rabbit when it is already full grown. It must be as high as the rabbit when it stands on its hind legs.

This size provides enough space for the litter box and a place to hide for the rabbit even for one who is of the dwarf variety because this one is active and loves to move around.

Rabbits are social animals and love the presence of its household mates. If it is kept in the rabbit cage all the time, it gets bored and aggressive or other unwanted behavior could result. If however, it is properly trained and the house is properly bunny proofed, it can be allowed to run around the house when you or any member of you family is there inside. It goes back there when it wants to or you keep it there when everybody leaves the house.

By itself, the cage can provide some running space for the rabbit, if it is the rabbit condo type where a room is made higher than the floor of the cage and a ramp provided on which the rabbit can run up and down.

If the house has more space for the rabbit cage, a pen can be places around the cage so to give ample room for the rabbit run and exercise. One thing is that the pen should be high enough so the rabbit can not jump over it. This is if you do not want to have your rabbit go around the house and if you can tolerate the litter it makes.

You can put a pen if you do not want the rabbit to go around the house because of its instinctive urge of chewing anything that it sees in the house, including your sofa and your bed. And this is trouble enough for you.

If not, then the only alternative is a fox proof run located outside the house.

A fox proof run

If the rabbit cannot be let loose inside the house, or even if it can be, because it needs sunshine and abundant fresh air, a rabbit run certainly comes in handy. A rabbit run has enough space for the rabbit to run around and play and if given the room to dig, it will dig. It will have the fresh air and the sunshine it needs in abundance.

However, a rabbit run must be fox proofed because of the dangers posed by predators which may be just roaming around looking for their prey, just like the rabbit. For this reason, even with the rabbit in the fox proof rabbit run, the presence of a member of the household is necessary because of the possibility that a dog or a cat or any of those predators might unexpectedly come and try to attack the rabbit inside the run.

Being inside the fox proof rabbit run does not insulate the rabbit from the shock that may be caused by the attack or any action of the predator. This can cause sharp reactions like jumping and twisting which may lead to broken vertebral column of the rabbit or a shock which may cause a heart attack. This then really needs the supervision of at least a member of the household as already mentioned.

It should be borne in mind that a fox proof rabbit run is not intended to be left there with the rabbit inside overnight, without the necessary safeguards against what could happen should a predator comes. And even if there are none, the rabbit should not be left there overnight especially in cold temperature.

The two in tandem

The assumption is that you, as the pet owner, have done and are doing the things you should do. These are having your rabbit vaccinated, the cage and run are properly maintained and cleaned, and all the sundry matters you are supposed to take care of are properly and religiously attended to.

Such being the case then, a rabbit cage inside the house and a fox proof rabbit run outside the house is a good combination that will make for a happy and healthy pet rabbit.

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