Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Rabbit Cage and How it Protects Your Favorite Pets From Harm

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A very persistent predator that attempts to break into the cage may cause the rabbit to retreat into a panic-induced state, banging into walls and floors, trying to seek cover. All these efforts may result in the rabbit injuring itself, or dying due to a heart attack brought about by a fragile nervous system.

An indoor rabbit that is unknowingly set loose from its cage is put in a position where it is forced to deal with factors it is not accustomed to, like getting stuck in vents and nooks where it cannot crawl away from, and it may die from suffocation or starvation.

A rabbit may also chew through exposed electrical wiring, exposing it to risks of electrocution. Add to that unsanitary food and morsels they may come across and ingest, exposing them to complications leading to diarrhea and dehydration.

Especially when they are young, rabbits tend to jump and hop everywhere, taking for granted that whatever they land on or hit on the way up or down will cushion their impact. This proves to be a problem if your house has hardwood floors or even brick tile, where the possibility of fractures and bruises is increased.

All these dangers can be avoided if they are kept in a secure Rabbit Cage. It will be their home and guardian against all the dangers that await them out of their homes.

However, that is not to say that confining your rabbits in a Rabbit Cage will keep them safe.

Rabbits constantly kept in confinement tend to experience obesity due to overeating, and muscle and bone disorders, brought about by the lack of exercise and necessary movement to their bodies.

It seems that rabbit owners are torn between letting their pets go, exposing them to dangers their fragile bodies cannot possibly survive, or dooming them to an unhealthy existence within walls that are supposed to be their guardians but instead turn out to be their wardens and executioners.

Striking the balance between protecting them from harm and letting them go for healthy exercise is the key in promoting your rabbit’s safety and good health.

A good compromise in balancing your rabbits’ safety and health would be to get them a Fox Proof Rabbit Run.

A Fox Proof Rabbit Run is secured against attempts of foxes and other predators to force open your rabbit’s living quarters while permitting it to get much needed exercise by letting it run about in a protected, fenced in area.

A Fox Proof Rabbit Run is an indispensable tool and shelter for your favorite pets. It offers them security, all the while indulging them in their naturally active habits.

A Fox Proof Rabbit Run is the perfect way of showing your favorite pet that you value its safety, and promote its good health as well. And that may be the best gift you can give your rabbit.

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