Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Zealand Rabbit

New Zealand Rabbit

Picture of New Zealand Rabbit babies!
The New Zealand babies in the picture above are just about 7 weeks old and are only about 2.2 pounds each. They are just as sweet and cuddly as any rabbit can be. They are munching on a green apple while they pose to have their pictures taken!

The New Zealand is a wonderful rabbit and makes a great beginner bunny. They are quite social and outgoing, and enjoy being part of the family. They like everybody and most household pets, and they are not biters.

One of their greatest features is that they usually love to be handled. Pick them up, set them down, or hold them in your lap! They are often likened to "big rag dolls" because they flop down kind of like a rag doll, accommodating any cuddly manner in which you wish to hold them. They can even be carried across your shoulder!

As with all good sized rabbits, the New Zealand will need a bigger area to move around in. They need regular excercise as they can gain weight easily. Keep treats to a minimum., even though your pet will beg you for them. The babies in our picture above will soon outgrow the cage we have them in!

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