Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lionhead LopLionhead Rabbit

Lionhead LopLionhead Rabbit ~ European Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead Lop Rabbit
The Lionhead Rabbit is the newest breed of rabbit, first imported into the United States in 1999. Along with the introduction of this adorable little rabbit with its erect ears, the cute little Lionhead Lop was developed!
A Lionhead Lop is a hybrid rabbit developed by crossing a Lionhead Rabbit with a Holland Lop. Lionheads crossed with the Mini-Rex are referred to as Velvet Lionheads. Their are many hybrids of the Lionhead and they are all very cute, very unique, and will make excellent pets!

The outstanding characteristic of the Lionhead Lop and the Lionhead Rabbit is that they have a 'mane'. These small rabbits are much easier to care for than longhaired or wooly rabbits like the Angoras, because their mane only needs to be combed out every couple of days. The mane on the Lionhead Lop does tend to mat a bit more than on the erect eared Lionhead Rabbit.

One thing to keep in mind when getting a young Lionhead is that this is a very new breed, and you won't know what your pet will look like until it grows up! There is no absolute certainty that it will keep its mane. The mane may molt and disappear for good or it may grow back even fuller than it was before.

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