Saturday, February 13, 2010

Creme D'Argent Rabbit

Creme D'Argent RabbitCreme d'ArgentePicture of Creme D'Argent babies

Besides its sweet nature and docile personality this rabbit makes a stunning show animal. The Creme D'Argent Rabbit is a pretty variety of one of France's oldest breeds of fancy rabbit, the Champagne D'Argent.

Picture of a Creme D'Argent Rabbit (female)
Creme D'Argent (female)
Dr. Jungle..."Guess which one of the
babies this was in the picture above??

A feature unique to only the Creme D'Argent and the Champagne D'Argent rabbits is that their coats change color as they age. The Creme D'Argent is born orange and gets lighter as it gets older, an old Creme D'Argent may even be quite light!

The Creme D'Argent babies in the picture above still have lots of orange coloring. When they get older they will change color and become more creamy white.

Creme D'Argent rabbits are generally quite calm and enjoy attention. However, despite its sweet nature and striking beauty, this breed of rabbit is rarer than many of the other breeds.

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