Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rabbit Hutch - How Big Should A Rabbit Cage Be?

How big should my rabbit cage be?

If you have a rabbit or you are thinking of getting one, then you he is going to need a cage of some sort. This is where you rabbit can enjoy some quiet time.

But how big should this cage be?

Most vets will recommend that for a 6 to 7 pound bunny, the dimensions of the cage should be as follows:

2 Ft. Wide
2 Ft. Long
18 inches high

Why so big? Well, you want to give your rabbit room to just be, to stretch out, perhaps do a little exercise, or even stand up. Even though your rabbit may be tiny right now, that little bunny is going to grow up, so get a cage that your rabbit is going to grow into not grow out of.

Also, make sure that the cage is constructed well, that means if you see something like chicken wire in the cage, hop away and leave it at the shop. The floor also should be sturdy too.

You want to avoid having wire on the floor of your rabbits cage. Your rabbits paws can get a condition called "sore hocks" from walking on a wire floor too much. If you have wire on the floor, then you can cover with any kind of wood with one exception: Whatever you do, don't use redwood! It's very toxic for rabbits!

Keep in mind that a cage should not be used as a substitute for real exercise time. Just like humans, rabbits need to exercise to stay healthy and happy. Plus, how are you and your new rabbit going to get to know each other if he is in the cage all the time? You would be missing out on the best part of having a rabbit as a pet, getting to know their magical personalities. And I'm sure your rabbit would love to get to know you better as well!

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