Saturday, May 15, 2010

About Rabbit Farming

About Rabbit  Farming
About Rabbit Farming
Jonae Fredericks

Rabbit farming may not be for everyone, and certainly the slaughter of the furry little rabbits for their meat is not for the weak of heart. For some families, however, rabbit farming can be a matter of necessity. While the cost of traditional farm meats continues to rise at the local supermarket, knowing that a protein-rich source of meat is on your own land can ensure a satisfying and healthy dinner any time you need one.


  1. The upfront costs of rabbit farming are relatively low. The initial investment of several male and female rabbits, along with a hutch and some feed, are really all that is needed.
  2. Size

  3. If you are a first time rabbit farmer, it is a good idea to start slowly. It is best to stick with your initial investment before purchasing more rabbits for breeding until you decide that rabbit farming is something that you enjoy, or is a farming hobby that is successfully supplementing your home meat supply or income.
  4. Prevention/Solution

  5. Cleanliness is a necessity for any rabbit farm. Cleaning the rabbit hutches on a daily basis and keeping them free of excess rabbit droppings will reduce the chances that flies will linger and spread disease.
  6. Types

  7. Not every type of rabbit is beneficial to breed for the purposes of consumption. The Californian and Cinnamon rabbits are both ideal for breeding as pets and food.
  8. Geography

  9. Healthy rabbits require a suitable environment, and conditions that are too humid or excessively cold will prove inadequate. Providing your rabbits with proper ventilation and protection from the elements is essential.
  10. Nourishment

  11. Providing your rabbits with essential nourishment is important. Commercially sold rabbit pellets are adequate, but should be supplemented with salad greens, hay or freshly cut grass.
  12. Warning

  13. Even though the rabbit BABIES that you are raising may be cute, refrain from touching them. To a mother rabbit, any foreign scent (especially human) on her babies could incite her to kill them.


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