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How to Groom an Angora Rabbit

Angora rabbits make wonderful and loving pets, but are also prized for their long and soft coat. Spinners find this luxury fiber a joy to work with and angora rabbits an excellent first fiber animal. If you are considering an angora rabbit or have just added one to your family, learning how to keep your bunny's coat looking beautiful and make sure the fiber is of good quality is critical.
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      Start by making sure that your angora rabbit is clean. Bathing is an option when necessary, but regular brushing and grooming will reduce the need. Consider litterbox training your angora bunny to eliminate the need for messy bedding throughout the cage or wire bottomed cages that can be bad for rabbit's feet.

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      Put a towel on your lap to avoid scratches or accidents. Make sure the angora rabbit is calm and relaxed. Take the time to pet the rabbit and maybe offer a favorite treat. Grooming time should be relaxing, for both you and the rabbit.

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      Grooming angora rabbits is primarily about brushing. Brush through the coat with a small slicker brush. Some spinners choose to save the combings as well as the harvested angora from their rabbits. Patience is required with this process, as an angora bunny in full coat may have a very long, dense coat.

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      Rest the angora rabbit on his back. Brush through the belly, legs and underside of the tail. Much of the time, the coat harvested from this part of the rabbit is of slightly lower quality, but may blend well for spinning with other fibers, like alpaca. Some rabbits may object to this part of the grooming process. If that is true, wrapping the rabbit gently but firmly with a towel may help to make grooming angora rabbits a bit easier.

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      Trim the angora bunny's nails with a set of pet nail clippers. Be aware of the quick within the nail, and trim quickly but gently. When the nails are trimmed, you reduce the risk of scratches and of possible injury to the rabbit.

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      Use a flea comb or small grooming comb to finish tidying the ears, face and top of the head. This is especially important for English Angora rabbits.

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      When it is time to harvest the angora rabbit's coat, your time spent grooming will be well worth it. How you harvest the fiber is a matter of breed and preference. French and English Angora rabbits are often plucked gently while German Angoras are typically clipped.

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