Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fluffy Angora Rabbit

"Angora rabbit" is a species I knew of, but had never really seen. Forget real life, I had not even seen a picture of an Angora Rabbit. All I knew is that an Angora rabbit is generally bred for its wool.
The moment I saw his face, I fell in love. Well, I can't lie, I can't lie! I must say- the moment I saw him, but not his face, I fell in love. My imagination ran wild and I imagined sitting on the angora rabbit. Please don't call the animal activists on me. I did nothing wrong, it was so tempting. Look at how fluffy he is.. Mr. Fluffy-puff! If you did not see his face and bum, I assure you, you too would think of this angora rabbit as a fluffy bean-bag. In fact these cute fur balls are sometimes called "Wooly Wabbits"

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