Thursday, December 31, 2009

Facts About Rabbits

Never pick your bunny up by its ears.
Never give your bunny human treats such as chocolate, etc
Hay and veggies make up the base of your bunny’s diet.
Make sure your bunny’s cage is large enough for him to move about freely.
Your bunny’s cage should have a water bottle or dish, a food dish, a litter pan (unless he lives outdoors), and some toys to play with.
Make sure your bunny has plenty of fresh water available at all times.
Bunnies love and need to chew, so make sure that a chew treat is provided to them.
Bunnies are known to through temper tantrums...due in part to his creative show his frustration when he can’t get things just right.
Bunnies require lots of love and affection each day.
Always control the body and legs of your bunny when picking him up...they usually will not struggle if they feel safe.
Apple tree branches can be eaten fresh off the tree, but avoid cherry, peach, apricot, plum and redwood branches for they are all toxic to your bunny.
The best toy a rabbit can ask for is "you."
Time and patience are the two most important keys to bonding with your new pet bunny.
Never leave your bunny unprotected from predators.
Do not adopt a bunny until it has been weaned from its least 8 weeks old.
A baby bunny is called a kit.
A healthy rabbit will have a bright eyed expression and soft, shiny fur.
Your rabbit’s cage should be cleaned regularly.
Don’t place your bunny’s cage in excessive heat or cold.
Your bunny taught to use a litter box...purr with its trained to walk on a leash...jump up to approximately 3 feet highly affectionate and loyal
The size of your rabbit will determine the amount of feed to give him.
Pelleted rabbit feed should make up only a small portion of your rabbits diet.
Avoid over feeding your bunny.

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